If you’re reading this, you may be a writer who wants to make more money, or you have a certain skill in writing that’s helped you in a different profession, or perhaps you simply like to share with your friends the products and services you love.

And you want to earn some extra income, maybe enough to work from home all the time.

You’re in the right place…welcome!

I’m here to help you write about what you most want to and make money doing it.


My first written work was when I was six.

It was a narrative nonfiction piece about a Mexican family I observed when visiting that country over Christmas. That was 1969. No one bought the essay. I wasn’t upset; I wrote because that’s how I was wired: I observed, and I wrote. I didn’t care about making money.

Fast forward a few years, and when I was ten I launched a general interest newsletter that I mailed to family and a few of my friends. It had an essay about monarch butterflies migration and included a few puzzles and riddles. It received critical acclaim but folded after one issue due to poor circulation and no advertising.

I wrote poetry and essays in high school, and in college I was a reporter for our school paper. That was my first paid job as a writer. As a sophomore, I got paid to tutor Freshman students in English composition. After college I worked for a publishing company and was in charge of corporate communications. I was the “writer” for the management to speak to 3,000 employees spread across three continents.

Over time, and over a daytime career as a nonprofit fundraiser, I had one book traditionally published, and I self-published another two. I wrote probably a dozen or more essays for pay, and I wrote scores for free to help out friends or colleagues. Not counting my salaried years as a corporate writer, I’ve made probably $5,000 net as an independent writer. That’s it.

Sound familiar?

And here’s where the change came:


small town usa
This is a building in London, Texas, a near-ghost town near where I live. I love to write about places and travel, and I get paid to do it. Click on the photo to see the site and then come back to learn more about becoming a well-paid writer.

If you’re like me, you love to share what you’re passionate about through a FB post, a tweet, or an Instagram photo with a catchy caption and hashtags that help you reach people.

Or, you have particular skills in writing; these skills have served you well. Maybe you’re a PR, advertising, or Mar-Comm professional, and writing has been an effective tool, helping you connect with your target audience. You believe you can increase your current income by leveraging that skill. Maybe it will even give you more freedom at home or to travel.

Or maybe you’re passionate about a particular area and only a mediocre writer; English might not even be your first language. That’s okay!

Readers online want to connect with people providing content that is meaningful to them. Most people online are walking through an enormous library on their laptop or mobile device and looking for information about the product or service you know about. The writing part can be taught, and you’ll learn about how to use that skill to reach a wide audience online. And you, too, can make money writing online this way.

Whatever kind of writer or non-writer you are, there is a way to make money online doing it.


The goal at HowToWriteForMoneyOnline.com is to help writers who are good at their craft continue to write and to make a living doing so, and to help the person who might want or need to work from home translate their knowledge of a particular area into content online, and make money doing that.

I’ve done it with my other site, Small Town USA.

Now I’m running this site to help others live the life they want to.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the Comments section and I’ll be more than happy to help out.

Warmest regards,

Howard Freeman | How To Write For Money Online

P.S. If you want to read more, check out my profile on the Wealthy Affiliate site; my profile name is “HowardFF.”

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