You might be an excellent writer or an excellent marketer. You might be both! In this article we’ll look at affiliate marketing vs. blogging and how they work together to help us make money online.

Perhaps the best way to think about affiliate marketing vs blogging is that blogging is like writing for writing’s sake. We writers love the act of writing. We love seeing pen to paper and a completed essay, article or book.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is writing, but it’s monetized writing. Affiliate writing depends on solid, effective writing. Persuasive writing. We develop partnerships with advertisers: a maker of fountain pens, or writing paper or desk lamps. These relationships make us affiliate marketers.

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Do I have to be a good writer to do affiliate marketing?

It’s important to have a good grasp of the English language, which is essentially the language of international business. Most of the advertisers you deal with will be English speaking.

But there are plenty of other bloggers (who are affiliate marketers) on the platform I use — Wealthy Affiliate (CLICK HERE for more info) — who are not native English speakers.

You only need to know how to communicate on a topic of your choosing, work hard, and stick with it!

I have been a writer since I was six, and I have had corporate writing jobs and published books and articles. And I have also blogged since 2006. But none of my online writing made any money until I started using Wealthy Affiliate.

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Since then, I’ve created a blog about a topic I care about and keep writing about, and I started this one to help others do what I’ve done.

An example of Affiliate Marketing vs. Blogging

Here’s an screenshot of my non-monetized blog and my monetized blog. I’ll go through a couple differences:

The photo of the “Avery House” was on my blog, which is monetized. I have “affiliate relationships” with this advertiser, a local Guest House. When people click through the text (I’ve put a yellow box around it to mark it for you) and reserve a room, I make a commission.

Likewise, when people click through on the sidebar ads to the right (boxed in blue) and make a purchase, I get a commission.

People click on links within articles more than on sidebar or banner ads, especially if the links are associated with a review of a product or service, as I wrote about above.

If you slide over to the screenshot, you’ll see that I’m running no ads on the side nor am I reviewing anything in articles to get commissions on.

That’s the blog I use to write about random things, like recipes and so on. But there’s not much time for that — maybe in the future!

Pulling it all together…Affiliate marketing? Or…blogging

Blogging is fairly straightforward:

  • Find a domain
  • Start writing
  • Ask your friends to read it

Blogging is that simple!

But you won’t make money doing it.

To earn money writing online, you will want to consider affiliate marketing. There are a number of good programs out there. To read more about alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate, CLICK HERE.

Affiliate marketing is more complicated and takes hard work and perseverance, but all of us making money online — allowing us to work from home, the beach, or traveling — have put in the time and effort to write in a way that draws readers to your site.

A few of the things we learn about on Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • How to choose the right website domain
  • How to use “keywords” (CLICK HERE for an article on that)
  • Search Engine Optimization, or SEO (CLICK HERE for more) and how to focus on that to gain traffic and increase income
  • Creating content that attracts readers (CLICK HERE for another article on that)
  • much more

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t know the first thing about making money by blogging — which is all that affiliate marketing is: blogging for money — if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliate.

I encourage you to look around, and if you want to start making money like a lot of us do, join us! It’s a community of more than 350,000 active bloggers, learning to increase income through affiliate marketing!

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