In all the “How To” sites, “How to start a website” is probably one of the most visited these days.

After all, most of us are on the Internet, most of us at least consider starting a business that requires a website, and most of us want to find an inexpensive way to start one.

There’s the catch: LOW COST. This article will show you how.

Choose a topic

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many people think of the title of their website or a cool name before they really consider who would visit it. Then they’re surprised that they get so little traffic.

My very first website was about buying and selling used college textbooks, but I hadn’t thought it through very well. I came up with a name that sounded cool — — because my college-aged son told me that “full send” was a term that was widely used among his age group. The site flopped!

So, here’s what I would recommend you do:

  1. Pick a broad topic with your heart. What do you care about enough to write about all the time? What could get you up in the morning? It might be health, love/relationships, money management, sports, cooking, etc.
  2. Pick a specific niche with your head. Within your broad topic — let’s say it’s health — you’ll want to pick a topic that addresses a specific audience, one who you can target with marketing. It’s through marketing, and specifically affiliate marketing, that is going to generate income for you. Perhaps your niche area within health is nutrition for men over 50. In that case, you have a clear sense of who your audience is, why they might visit your site, and what content to write about, like “How to include more protein in your diet.”

Pick a domain name provider

There are two main ways to do this.


I use a platform called Wealthy Affiliate for all my websites. (I have three main money-making sites, and one more for my creative writing, which is do just for fun.) If you want to take a look around, you can do so for free–there’s no need to put in a credit card. Just CLICK HERE.


You can get a domain name through the platform I use (or one like it), or you can buy it through a domain name provider. For a list of the top providers, CLICK HERE.

I use GoDaddy, not just because it’s rated #1, but mainly I’ve used them for about 12 years and been very satisfied. Their customer service is excellent, and that’s what most of us need most when starting out.

If you want to build out a site, though, for a low cost, you’ll want to consider a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

HERE’S an independent article on that and similar platforms.

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Pick a domain name

Now that you have your specific niche — going with our area of nutrition for men over 50 — you want to pick a name that will fit the content and be fairly unique but not so trendy that no one will remember it.

This gets overlooked a lot, and it’s pretty important. Let’s take the following example of how you might look for a name and how to know its strengths and weaknesses:

For the purposes of showing you strengths and weaknesses, I’m using a tool above that we have on Wealthy Affiliate called Jaaxy. (Try Jaaxy for FREE BY CLICKING HERE.)

Jaaxy is used primarily for finding “keywords” which help our content get found online. (Search engine optimization, or SEO.) For more on keywords, see my article HERE.

I’ve searched above for “mens diet over 50” since that’s what we’re writing about. The results are sorted by average Traffic per month, defined by the number of visitors you’d get if your site appeared on the first page of Google search results. (This is pretty much where you need to be to get any traffic. Google gets 91% of all search engine traffic. See more about that HERE.)

The result “diet over 50,” which I’ve marked in a red box, has better traffic than “best diet over 50,” marked in yellow.

But if you’ll notice, “diet over 50” only has a “.net” or “.org” suffix. “” seems to be already taken. You want a “.com” suffix to indicate a business and because everyone remembers it that way. In fact, is taken; someone has “parked” it and is selling it for $5,000!

So, either through GoDaddy, another domain name provider, or through Wealthy Affiliate, you can purchase this name and start building your site.

I’ve found domain names for as little as $0.99 for the first year, and with tax and privacy protection (which you want), it’s still only around $13.

HOW TO: How to start a website for free?!

So now we’re at the nitty gritty. How to build a website. And how to do it for free. (Really!)

If you go through a domain name provider like GoDaddy, there are services that help you create the actual site. After you get a hosting service and choose a template, etc.

If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about or if setting up a website sounds a bit overwhelming, it’s a lot easier than you think.

I’ve started three solid websites with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Again, go read the article mentioned at the beginning if you want to do some due diligence.

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I am not kidding you when I say that joining this program was one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to being web-savvy. I don’t look at the Internet the same way: I can see how traffic is getting to certain websites and how I can draw traffic to mine.

Below is a comparison of the FREE STARTER vs. Premium versions of Wealthy Affiliate, and even if you join for free, I can still mentor you to get started. If you join Premium, I’m with you every step of the way for month after month.

Join me online for the adventure!

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