“How to make money blogging about an elephant?!” Yup. To be fair, this will be more about how to use something called “keywords” to make money when you blog about whatever you’re interested in…even if your interest is elephants!

Don’t be scared off by this frightening image. I’m new to YouTube uploads, but the video’s not half bad. The Christmas tree looks nice and my dog didn’t make a lot of noise. So there’s that.

The topic doesn’t matter

What you write about doesn’t matter as much as how you write about it.

Some sources say that there are 2 billion websites, of which about 400 million are active. Before you finish this, thousands of sites will have been launched. Certainly, many of these sites are on the same subject. But even if we conclude that there are 400 sites for every topic, that means there are a million topics to write on.

Elephants almost certainly have a topic of their own. Right?!

Like we said, it’s HOW, not what

We can write about anything we’re passionate about — for the sake of this article, let’s say I love elephants — or about which we are willing to learn. To make money online, though, here’s the process simplified:

  • SITECreate a website that focuses on a general area (e.g. ice hockey uniforms, chinoiserie patters, green salsa, African elephants).
  • CONTENT – Write articles and create other content that establishes your website as an authority. Even if you don’t know about your topic but are interested, you can still establish yourself as an expert by publishing frequently and getting traffic.
  • TRAFFIC – Give reasons for your readers to go to your site.

Think of this process as a snapshot you need to have in mind:

Your website is is a platform to deliver content to people who search the internet for that content. If you write your content with effective KEYWORDS, traffic will come.
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Back to elephants

“So,” you might say, “I do indeed love elephants. Elephants are my passion. I have photos of elephants on my bookshelves at work. How do I write about them and make money?”

Very simple. Keywords.

Write about ANYTHING and readers will come to you, IF you use effective keywords


A “keyword” is any word or phrase that someone might type into a search bar on Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Why is a keyword important?

A keyword is what leads anyone searching on the web to a list of websites, mostly millions of websites and sometimes even billions, if we’re talking about common and highly used keywords.

Our goal as website owners is to get our articles on the FIRST PAGE of Google results. To get on the first page, we must get our individual article on elephants ranked (to read more on ranking, CLICK HERE).

Google has 88% of the market on internet searches. (source: Statista.com)

We want to rank at 10 or higher, which is typically the number of articles appearing on the first page of Google results. We all tend to stop at the bottom of the first page and then refine our search criteria, so we have to be on the first page.

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Why are we talking about Google so much?

Because, as Statista estimates, Google has captured 88% of the market on searches. If we want to be found, we have to dance with Google.

So if I really do want to make money blogging about [anything, see figures above showing different search options that I found], using the keyword “how to make money blogging about an”… will bring about a host of auto-fill options, and as you keep typing, my elephant option will come up.

Who will resist visiting a page that offers you a chance to know how to make money blogging about an elephant?!

“There’s a catch?!”

There’s always a catch.

We can have the absolute best keywords, and two things will beat us out for the first page of Google results.

  1. Paid ads. These will always appear at the top. Every time. And there are usually 3-5 of them. I never advocate paying for your article to appear, because other than ads by companies whose sites you wanted to find anyway, how many of us click on those? No, we have to produce quality content.
  2. Portions of our keywords from more authoritative websites. Websites with authority — trusted organizations, sites that produce a lot of content, sites that other sites link to — are ranked higher on Google than non-authoritative sites. You might think your site is authoritative because you know everything about elephants, but the market decides if you are or aren’t.

Allow me to show you how to succeed…

Here’s the funny thing, and we’ll close with this.

Using the keyword “how to make money blogging about an elephant” is searched for specifically less than 10 times per month worldwide.

But using the keyword “how to make money blogging about an” (or “about a”) has an average monthly search rate of 6,528!

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But, here’s the secret to using a good keyword even more effectively:

  1. Use it in your title
  2. Use it in the first paragraph
  3. Use it in a subhead during your article
  4. Use it 2-4 times elsewhere in your article

I did all four of those, and I used the keyword a total of seven times in this article. My SEO rating was 100/100. What I just wrote was jibberish before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Now, I don’t see the internet the same way. I can produce content that is seen and from which I make money.


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  1. I love the graphic of the elephant made out of money! Do you have a mentor who you look to for inspiration on post topics? Having someone like that who supplements but doesn’t ultimately replace the online tools we use to find low competition keywords are, IMHO, priceless. Sometimes, what sounds good in our head doesn’t translate well to the keyboard.

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