First, I should clarify that “blogging” is used interchangeably by many people to mean “writing online.” But if you want to know how to make money blogging from anywhere — even from your favorite coffee shop — we’ve got a possible solution.

At the outset, let me also mention that you shouldn’t be scared off by the mention of “making money blogging” or “making money writing” because you may be underestimating your abilities as a communicator. All you need is knowledge in an area or the desire to become knowledgable. You can start there.

Yours truly in front of my go-to coffee shop to blog from.

The new normal: working offsite

My story in a nutshell is that I started writing when I was six. I “published” my first newsletter when I was 10, expecting my family and friends to sign up. I had one subscriber: my grandmother.

I started to get paid to write in college, as a journalist, then in the corporate world after graduation, and then across the next 30+ years in a variety of modes: publishing books, writing trade articles and now blogging. Each has its allure and rewards. But blogging is by far the most profitable.

My “day job” since 1995, since as the bread-winner for a family of 5, I never had found a profitable way to write, has been as a nonprofit fundraiser, and my writing gets squeezed in during work travel, before my day starts, and on weekends.

That said, by my birthday this May, I expect to be writing full-time, which is a dream of mine.

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Coffee and cowboy hats at PAX Coffee and Goods in Kerrville, Texas

“What space should I choose?”

Experienced writers tend to know where and how they write best: early in the morning or late at night; from a quiet room at home, on a plane or in a public place.

Even if you don’t write for a living but want to get started doing so, how to choose the right space depends on more than what’s your favorite place to write.

Case in point: I decided yesterday afternoon that I wanted to increase exposure on a topic I wrote about that morning. To do that, I was going to live-stream a How-To video on a specific area of monetizing a website.

Don’t livestream in a car in the Texas sun…

Well, my first attempt was an utter failure. I tried it from the coffee shop I’d been writing in, but just as I started to livestream, the coffee shop got unusually busy — and loud — and it drowned me out.

So I moved to my car, which of course offers a thoroughly unprofessional background even though it DOES afford a build-in sound studio. About a half-hour into the livestream, my laptop overheated and froze. I had to abruptly end the presentation. But you can see most of it here:

This livestream, now on YouTube, abruptly ends at about the 24:15 mark, when my laptop got overheated. This was an example of NOT choosing a good place to write and market in.

Here’s the big take-away: to make money writing online, you need to cross-market your articles and website by live-streaming it, tweeting it, putting images on Pinterest, etc. You have to make full use of social media, because you’ll need that referral traffic while your site gains authority and can be found organically by people searching on the internet.

A twitter account called @RoomRater judges good and bad Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp backgrounds, since this is how we see each other so often these days. Here’s an example of former president Barack Obama, who rated a 10/10:

What I like about President Obama’s appearance is a bookshelf — which is increasingly the standard — and the sparse areas behind his head. This allows the reader to focus on what he’s saying, but also feel comfortable looking at one of the sides framing him, which are nicely decorated.

Blogs and platforms

Let’s talk a minute about blogs and platforms.

If you wanted to start writing today, all you need to do is sign up for free on one of these platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Medium
  • Wix

And a number of others.

However… to make MONEY writing online, you’ll need a way to monetize your website. If you don’t use a platform where you can establish what are called affiliate relationships, then it’s very hard to make money online. You first have to get traffic to your site, and then sell products or services through your site.

The way to get traffic is by having a site that uses affiliate relationships with advertisers. This requires knowledgeable use of search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t be fooled by the technical sound of this; it’s actually pretty simple and made all the easier if you’re already a good writer.

Here’s a good article on a variety of platforms that do just that.

I use Wealthy Affiliate, which let me start for free — no credit card necessary to start — and I could have continued to use it for free but I upgraded soon after to use more of the tools. It has been totally worth the investment.

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How to start today

As I mentioned above, I can guide you through 1-on-1 coaching, for free.

Seriously, there’s no catch.

If you want all the functionality of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, that requires a monthly investment.

But if you have been asking yourself how to make money blogging from your favorite coffee shop while the world stops spinning so fast: join the over 1.4 million of us who are making money online by blogging from our favorite nook, the beach or pool, an airplane, or from a cozy window seat at home.


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