You’re a writer, or you have always wanted to be one, but you’ve made very little if any money from it. If you want to earn an income as a writer, get paid to write online. Follow these simple steps and you’ll finally be making money doing what you love. I did, and I am!

paid to write onlineIf you want to skip to the chase — sorry for the cliché, fellow writers — then CLICK HERE to join the platform that I did and join my writers group. You can start a website writing about literally anything you want, so long as you monetize the website properly. Yeah — the catch is that you have to be willing to use advertising strategically to earn money.

But I’ll show you how to do it in a way that maintains your integrity as a writer.

And I compare this to when I first allowed an editor to change my copy. I hated the idea, but after she edited my piece, it was a lot more readable, and I didn’t even notice the changes. In other words, advertising well will NOT detract from your quality writing and beautiful website.

My background

paid to write online

I’ve been a writer — albeit unofficially and I didn’t get paid for it — since I was 6. I wrote my first narrative nonfiction essay then, after observing a Mexican family while on vacation in Valle de Bravo.

When I was 10, I started a short-lived newsletter that included a story of how I’d saved some Monarch butterflies after a rainstorm, some puzzles and brainteasers, and letters to the editor. I think there was maybe one issue.

Throughout high school and college, my love of writing and reading, and language in general, grew.

My first job out of college was in a publishing company, and though I’ve worked for two decades as a nonprofit fundraiser, I’ve continued to publish nonfiction along the way.

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You can take a look at my LinkedIn bio here. Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see my publications. Books and articles.

But the most I’ve made from any one project — a full-length (80,000 words) book — was $3,000. I mean, not bad, but it took four months after hours, and I wouldn’t have been able to subsist on that if it were full-time.

Recently, I joined the platform Wealthy Affiliate.

“Wealthy Affiliate?! Please…”

I know.

If you’re like me, that name alone sounds kind of sleazy.

I mean, writers are supposed to write because we love it, right? And not just FOR the money. True, but we all have bills to pay, and writers deserve to get paid and pay their bills.

And “affiliate”? What’s that mean?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform from which people like you and me can monetize websites about anything we want to

write about, using something called affiliate marketing.

There are also others who are selling this or that kind of product or service, but they each have to do a certain amount of writing. You and I come into this with an advantage: we’re writers already!

There are a lot of scams out there, but WA is the largest platform of its kind and was started in 2005 by two now wealthy Canadian entrepreneurs, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. I will personally vouch for it, and if anyone reading this wants to have an offline conversation about it, I’d be glad to.

Here is an independent review of WA and some alternatives. It concludes that WA is a good choice for you.

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“Okay, but how exactly do I get paid to write online?”

paid to write online
Carson and Kyle, co-founders; and Jay, who does amazing live trainings each Friday evening for Premium members.

You create a website and monetize it.

Here’s how, using my other site (next section) as an example:

  • Being from New York City, I love cities and places in general, and I wrote a lot about New York City.
  • I moved to my wife’s hometown in Texas two years ago, so I felt I had to look for a new focus.
  • So I started a WordPress blog called Biscuit Aisle — long story — but it had on average, like, five readers per post? LOL
  • I recently decided that I love to write and will never stop, but I had to justify the time I spend on it but monetizing my efforts. My wife and I have three kids: one’s out on his own, and one’s still in high school, but one’s in college, and we needed more income for that and other family goals. It was time to get paid to write…online!
paid to write online
My other site, which I monetized with affiliate ads, on a mobile phone view.

So here are the steps I took:

  1. I researched how to make money writing online and almost pulled the trigger on a different platform when I ran across WA.
  2. The other platform wanted money upfront, but WA allowed me to trial it for free. And you can too, HERE.
  3. So I signed up on WA for free.
  4. I launched a first website about buying and selling college textbooks, because I thought, “I like books, and this might be a way to monetize the site.” But I quickly lost interest in the topic.
  5. I launched a second site now called Small Town USA, where I write about small towns around the country, starting with Texas because, of course, I live here now.
  6. I use something called affiliate marketing, in which I sign up to advertise products of my choosing. I don’t use Google AdSense, which has all those obnoxious ads we all hate. I advertise the products I want to in keeping with my site’s brand.
  7. I used Wealthy Affiliate extensive and excellent training to learn how to make a professional site and monetize it. The key is producing quality content for readers, so that Internet traffic comes to your site. Again, you and I have that advantage: we’re writers.
  8. I learned that it’s all about getting “ranked” on the first page of search results when someone looks up something using Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines. Chances are that you found this post by typing in “paid to write online” or “get paid to write online” or some similar phrase. (Those are “keywords.”) There’s a certain science to it. And now that you know that, you can bring in traffic and then offer people quality content. That’s what (I hope) I do here, and what I do on Small Town USA.
  9. I’ve been ranked on all three search engines by using well-researched keywords. A couple of my posts have been ranked #1, which means that below the paid ads, my article appears at the #1 spot and gets that much more traffic, clicks, and potential buyers visiting my site.

Ugh…the money thing again

If you’re feeling a little turned off by the emphasis on money, believe me: I’ve been there. I’ve been writing for literally decades, and I never liked the idea of trying to make money writing. I liked just writing and hoping someone would pay for it.

But professional writers are professionals because they understand that their craft is a business.

And it’s like my working with that first editor. My writing is better because I let someone make it better. Writing for money online means not compromising, but it does mean we write in order to find that audience that wants to hear from us. I wanted to reach you, and you searched using some search term like “get paid to write online.” You are my audience, and I strategically designed my article to reach you.


paid to write online

If you want to join many, many others who are making money writing online, and loving it like I do, join my Writers Team by clicking here now and get a FREE trial. You don’t even have to give WA your credit card and then make that bothersome calendar reminder to cancel before the week’s up!


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