What is search engine ranking, and why does it make a difference for your website?

More importantly, how does it make you money?

This is the simple answer:

Most people will look only at the first page of search results to find what they’re looking for. In most cases will not scroll down and over to the next page of results.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to get your content — your individual posts — ranked on the first page of any search.

How to do that, and a way to get started, will be covered here.

I’m going to explain in this article why search engine ranking is the key to making you money.

Along the way, I’ll mention the platform I use, Wealthy Affiliate, and how it has given me multiple first-page rankings on all the Top 3 search engines. There are other platforms you can use, covered well and objectively in an Invest Burundi article, but I’ve had results in Wealthy Affiliate and found it to be an excellent community of entrepreneurs.

what is search engine ranking
First-page ranking on Google on a recent article in my niche site, AmericaDowntown.com

At left you’ll see an example of a top-ranking I received on Google for a restaurant review I did. Whether you want to be a food blogger or travel bloggeryou can write about anything you want! — you need to be aware of getting your pages ranked.

Google, Bing and Yahoo

These three search engines are the Top 3 used.

Search Engine Journal lists several other search engines, but these three listed above account for most of the traffic for your readers and the ones you want to pay attention to when getting traffic, clicks, and revenue from affiliate advertising.

Author’s Note: if you click on that Search Engine Journal link above, observe how many pop-up ads there are…AVOID THIS! It makes it very hard for readers to view your content. Some argue that it results in more clicks, but there’s no consensus on that, and most people find them very annoying.

Google accounts for at least 65% to as much as 75% (according to the SEJ above) of traffic. What’s important here is that most of your readers who are coming to your site are looking for you on Google.

SEJ mentions YouTube, Amazon and Facebook next, but most of my readers and most of yours who are browsing from site to site, even from vendor site to Amazon and back, are using a classic search engine, not primarily one of those social media platforms.

Bing is mentioned next, and between it and Yahoo account for most of your classic search engine traffic.

So, aside from social media platforms, classic searches for your content and the advertisers on your site come through one of these three search engines.

Here are a couple other rankings I received on Bing and Yahoo; both were #1 on the searches for their content:

what is search engine ranking
#1 Ranking on Bing

what is search engine ranking
#1 ranking on Yahoo

My niche site, AmericaDowntown.com, has had multiple first-page rankings. These were #1 on Bing and Yahoo. It’s important to rank on all three top search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you want to create a niche site and start making money like I am, you can do it here.

What is the top search engine?

Google is far and away the most important, since it gets the most use as mentioned above, and in terms of search engine ranking, you will want to write content that takes this into consideration. It doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to the other search engines, but it does mean that when writing content, it’s most crucial to write considering Google’s algorithms.


  • Many analysts think it is because Google wants to give its users higher-quality search results. (Source: Tower Marketing)
  • It is also quicker, and it can deliver millions of results within 0.19 seconds. (Source: Sleeping Giant Media)
  • Google’s technical structure is much better than that of its competitors.

How to get ranked on Google

Writing content that gets your website in front of your audience through organic searches is the best way to sell products or services and make money online.

I’m going to be very honest with you here…

I have been writing for several decades, often as a professional writer, and you can see my LinkedIn profile here:

I have written numerous articles, had different blogs for the last 14 years, and have even written a full-length book about online fundraising (in 2011) published by Skyhorse Publishing. But even with all that experience, I wouldn’t have known how to get my content in front of online readers if I didn’t go through the training at Wealthy Affiliate, the blogging platform I use.

And the key to getting content in front of readers is getting ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo. To do that, we have to write using keywords.


Keywords are individual words or, more commonly, phrases that people type into search engine bars to find what they’re looking for. Sample keywords might be:

  • get paid to write online
  • making money online
  • most comfortable shoes
  • charming towns
  • how to make money during COVID 19

Literally anything.

To get ranked, we need to find keywords that fit the following criteria:

  1. People actually use them — Number of searches monthly using that keyword.
  2. Traffic — Number of times people would find you on the first page of results.
  3. Low competition — How many other sites are using the same keyword, driving traffic there and competing for audience with you.

The combination of these three factors give us an “SEO value” that tells us whether that keyword is going to be effective or not.

For example, using the above keywords, “Making money online” is used by 201 other websites, making it fairly difficult to get ranked, especially if you’re a newer website.

However, “how to make money during COVID 19” — my next article in fact — has only 47 competing websites using that. That’s a better arena for me to compete in. Anything under a 100 score is good.

But how do I find this score?

You can try the tool for free by setting up a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account here

Best search engine ranking tool

There are some good tools on the market:

  • Yoast
  • Wordstream
  • Neil Patel — has some great tools
  • Jaaxy — my choice

I warned you I’d be telling you about my platform! :))

That’s mainly because it’s what works for me.

It’s part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and at any time, I can both generate keywords and check how good the SEO value is and also I can track how my page rank is doing.

Remember I showed you above those ranked pages?

I found out they were ranked by tracking the keywords I’ve used in posts through Jaaxy and then I use Jaaxy to track my site rank.

Where is my website on Google ranking?

A results page in my Jaaxy account recently looked like this:

what is search engine ranking
Four of my keywords were ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo in the same period, resulting in a lot of traffic. Shown in Jaaxy Site Tracking results page.


What you’re looking at is four of my keywords, at left, being ranked on the first page of the Top 3 search engines.

Any rank of “10” or higher means that it’s on the first page of search results — this is where we want to be as much as possible. Below the paid ads, what appears to the reader are typically ten (10) results per page on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Our job is to get a ranking of 1-10 on each search engine with as many posts (using one keyword per post) as possible.

Two of the keywords — “places to stay in kerrville” and “where to stay in kerrville” — are ranked on the first page of both Bing and Yahoo. (Kerrville is my hometown, so I write about it a lot. It has decent traffic and very little to any competition, so I can get page views and rank high, and I can get in front of a buying audience.)

Other tools to check your page rank are:

  • The Hoth
  • WooRank.com
  • Page Rank Checker
  • and, again, Neil Patel has solid tools, but they are a bit pricey

TAKE-AWAY GOAL: Improve your Google search position (but don’t forget about Bing and Yahoo!)

Bottom line is this:

  1. Improve your Google rank with quality content (this is the most important starting point; write about something you like or are interested In learning about).
  2. Use keywords strategically (high SEO value).
  3. Strategic keyword use gets your content (your website) ranked on page 1 of Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo.
  4. Readers will typically go to ONLY page 1 of those results.
  5. When readers view your content, they are more likely to click through to links in your post.
  6. When you use advertiser links well, then readers become buyers, and you make commissions.

To start making commissions with a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account, CLICK HERE.

I will personally guide you through setting up your site and getting yourself in a position to make money online.

I would love to see you succeed!



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